Thursday, January 3, 2013

Starting Strong! The top ten cities by Day 3

We've only been open for three days, but YA2U has definitely had a strong start--nearly a thousand votes for cities already! Please, keep 'em coming! It is still DEFINITELY too early to tell who's gonna win this thing. But here's a chart of the top fifty cities in the vote so far.

Click to see a much larger version!
The legend names go across the top,
so read them horizontally, not in columns.
Current Top Ten Cities:

  1. Boise, ID
  2. Toronto, Canada
  3. Lansing, MI
  4. New York, NY
  5. Chicago, IL
  6. Dallas, TX
  7. Atlanta, GA
  8. Orland, FL
  9. Houston, TX
  10. Los Angeles, CA

But don't be disheartened! This is taking into account the percentages of people who've voted as of midnight last night--about 800. Because we have so many cities with less than five votes, this only shows the top fifty cities as of then. We have had over 200 more notes since the chart's data was compiled, but as we have to sort it by hand (to fix errors such as those noted below), we're only going to do a chart once a week or so. Also, we're still soooo early. Getting at least 10 votes for your city put you in the top fifty. Imagine if you could get your whole class to vote for your city--or your whole library--you'd have this competition in the bag!

And as a side note, I want to emphasize how important it is to add your state to your city. There are, for example, two Portlands--one in Oregon and one in Maine. If you just put "Portland" and don't add your state, I'm not sure which city you're voting for--and those cities are on complete opposite sides of the nation! There are also three Londons--each in three different countries. Two different Decaturs, several Springfields, and more. I'm going to try to contact the people who've not made their entries clear enough, but it would really help us out if you remember to enter your state with your city.

Thanks again for entering everyone! We are stunned and so excited about this wonderful response!!


  1. I've got my vote in for Chicago!

    Though I had a question, do Chicago IL and Naperville IL count as 2 different cities then? When most authors come to Chicago, they go to Andersons in Naperville so I was just wondering if they count separately? I'm trying to figure out how I should encourage people to vote and was confused based on the graphic :)

  2. East Lansing and Lansing MI might also have the same problem that Erica mentioned. There are two stores near each other in MI, Schuler Books and Music Lansing MI AND Schuler Books and Music Okemos MI. If people are voting for a store called Schuler Books and Music East Lansing MI, it doesn't exist. They probably mean the Lansing store (there is also a B & N in Lansing).

  3. We have to count each city separately--we unfortunately don't know enough about what cities in all of America and Canada are close to each other. However, that's why we gave people the chance to vote for two cities--and we are counting each of those cities--so they can pick a hometown, and then perhaps a larger city that close by.

    1. Good to know. We're campaigning for it with our clientele at Schuler, so here's hoping. When will the contest end?

  4. Just a question: For number eight, isn't it Orlando? :)

  5. This tour idea and contest is such a fun idea! I voted for Louisville KY, then I picked Memphis, TN for my second city which are about the same distance from me. It would be nice to see the tour stop go some place none or most of the authors haven't been to before. Here's hoping a smaller city wins.

  6. I bet that i'm the only person that voted for my state :(