Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Secret is Out!

Thank you all for stopping by! Welcome to "Bringing YA to You" or "YA2U" for short! At this website, you'll learn all about the unique contest we're offering--a chance for you to win a book tour stop to your hometown.

Be sure to check out the official contest rules, and then enter!

You have two ways to win:

  1. If your hometown gets the most votes, you win the authors in a unique, one-stop, book tour event!
  2. If you help spread the word, you're entered into a drawing where you can win the entire collection of the authors' books--10 books in total, all signed!
What are you waiting for? Join the fun today! 


  1. Amazing, never has an author come to my to country/town, can't wait!

  2. Where do we enter?! Authors never come to my town!

  3. Please, please, please come to Cleveland, Ohio!

  4. Seattle WA!! We need some YA action here :)

  5. Edenton, North Carolina! Our library JUST got a YA section! Big news around here, especially in these budget cuts. Our teen-agers are starving for you!