Thursday, February 21, 2013

Details about the Winning Cities

I'm very pleased to announce that YA2U was an amazing success! I loved hearing all of your stories about which city we should go to next, and I truly wish I had a teleporter so I could visit you all individually and thank you for your support.

It took us awhile to count the winners because, in the end, it was ridiculously close. More than eight thousand people voted for a city, from Portland, Maine, to Portland, Oregon and everywhere between (including Canada, which knows how to represent!).

Of course, from the start, we said there could be only one winner. For two key reasons: first, we're paying for this out of our own pockets, and second, we're working with five different busy schedules.

But...the top three cities each got over thousand votes. Each. And in the end, the winning city only won by a couple hundred votes--enough to make it a clear winner (and trust me, we triple checked), but also so close to the next two cities.

So we're going back on our word.

We're not doing one city visit.

We're going to do two.* And, additionally, we're going to give a third city a free Skype visit with all of us.

We're still hammering out exact dates and working on a splashy announcement, but we wanted to let you know that we have picked a winning city and are working on arrangements to visit the other cities SOON.

*As long as we can make the dates work for both


  1. That's great news! I am so glad that so many readers will be connected to such wonderful authors. This was a great opportunity and congratulations to the winning cities.

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