Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Winner of Signed Books

We're still working behind the scenes to ensure that we have the right city picked as the official winner of the YA2U contest--we had a lot of last minute entries and we want to verify they're all valid before we announce.

But! We are happy to announce the winner of the signed books for the Spread the Word contest! This winner will get a copy of each one of our books, signed and delivered to their door step :) And that winner is...


Congrats to Lauren! An email has been sent to her. 

And thank you everyone who's been playing along with us! We had more than fifteen thousand entries for the book prize, and over eight thousand entries for the city visit contest! Holy shizz you guys!

Okay...we're off to tally up those couple thousand extra votes we got the last week :) 

1 comment:

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